Why Should Homework Be Forbidden In Schools?

1. Homework does not assure the teachers of the level of performance of each student as the student could have cheated or copied someone’s work. Homework is believed to be done outside the class. It gives a free chance to students to consult anyone and anything, or even get online marketing assignment help to score good grades. Home should be stopped because we are not sure of the performance of students individually.

2. Students have a lot of things to do during the day, and the addition of homework to the volume of things to do will be unfair. Homework on its own requires more time and concentration, making the day longer than planned and stressful for the student.

3. A relationship needs time to grow, and the time should be spent together with loved ones. Students that have homework as automatically reduced the chances of building intimacy with family members. If homework is stopped, the family bond will be stronger and better.

4. Mental stability is achieved with enough rest after the day work. Homework will only reduce the time for rest and thereby increase mental stress. Homework should be stopped to enhance mental stability by having enough rest.

5. Creativity is the ultimate level of living a good life. Homework can only streamline the mind to a particular pattern of living, but when it is stopped, students have a chance to express their thought and create something new from the environment.

6. The social life of every child is as important as gaining knowledge. Homework has to be stopped to allow students to interact with their friends and associate with society.

7. Students are different, and they come from different homes, which might not be comfortable for them to study. Homework creates the tension of having to look out for a calm place, and this is a stressful one. Homework should be stopped to help students build a better life outside the walls of a school.

Why homework should not be stopped

1. To a significant extent, teachers can grade the student’s abilities by giving them homework regularly. Homework should not be stopped so that teachers can know how to help a student improve and get better academically.

2.Periodically, students are to be tested in school, and homework alone can help prepare the student for such a test. Homework has to be retained for students to have proper planning for their tests and examination.

3. Students have different speeds of learning in class, and this can only be noticed if they have homework to do individually. Homework should not be removed from the scheme so that teachers and students can find a balance and understand the learning skills to be used in class.

4. Internets and social media contribute to the fast and easy learning of students, and so makes the child have a broader level of knowledge about a topic. Homework allows the student to visit different websites and acquire more knowledge.

5. Homework should be fully encouraged in schools so that students can learn basic behavior that might not be taught in the classroom. Characters are built for proper living, and the period doing their homework can help them acquire these habits.

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