Staying focused and having enough time to complete an assignment and school projects can be challenging. Some students are part-time or full-time workers and have little or no time to do homework after lessons. The only way out is to have a strategy and a planned schedule to guide you through your studies, do homework and engage in extracurricular activities. Below are some tips for completing your school assignments.

  1. Plan your day

A planned day is a fulfilled day. Every morning, plan your day per the available hours you have at hand. Make a to-do-list starting with the most important tasks. In doing this, you need to prioritize your homework and make sure you stick to the scheduled time.

Also, there are times you may have lots of assignments at hand. If that’s the case, arrange them according to their submission dates. Afterward, list the difficult most demanding tasks and attempt them first. You can later work on the easy ones, which is less stressful and requires little research. Don’t forget to always complete the most immediate ones.

  1. Don’t be distracted

In this current technological world, we are always surrounded by distractions one way or the other. Our electronic gadgets, like computers, phones, television, are all forms of distractions that can make you lose focus when doing your homework. I cannot do without mentioning the distractions caused by social media apps, which is very tempting, and most youth virtually live their lives on such platforms. For full focus to do your homework on time, stay away from any form of thing that distracts you. You can start by switching off your phone, television and move from the living room. If that is not possible at home, find a calm and quiet alternative.

  1. Don’t practice multitasking

Although multitasking has its benefits, it is always better to concentrate on one thing, complete it well, and then move to another. The human brain processes one piece of information at a thing, so while you switch from one task to another, it can create mental stress and affect your focus. Don’t pick up any other task when doing your homework, especially if they don’t relate to avoid making preventable mistakes. For example, you cannot be listening to an audiobook on literature when doing a math assignment.

  1. Break time

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. If you have extended hours of homework to do, try to insert time in-between. It enables the brain to refresh to start over again. A study by the University of Illinois led by Alejandro Lleras found that the brain loses focus after concentrating on a particular thing for a long time. In case you have three hours of homework, you can take a break after every 10 to 15 minutes. This short break could be taking a short walk, have a snack. It will improve your performance, focus, and quality of work.


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