Many teachers and parents are curious about why students refuse to do their homework or submit late. Many students have no passion for learning, hence, they refuse to do my economics homework. But, some are suffering from stress as a result of homework.  They may not even recognize the source of their discomfort. Firstly, you need to understand what causes stress from homework. There are a lot of factors that cause stress; this includes:

  1. Bulky homework: teachers sometimes give too much work to students. Students are already mentally drained in school. Giving them large assignments will quickly wear them out. Also, they may not be able to complete it, and those who manage to finish it may not put their best effort into completing it.
  2. Many students offer more than two courses and complain about having an assignment from almost all the classes. This is a significant cause of stress as students are expected to split their focus in many directions after a tedious day in school. Some may rush and not do it properly. Others may not do it at all. Teachers using homework as a rationale to determine student’s abilities will end up misjudging their abilities.
  3. Student’s inability to understand what was taught in class may find it more challenging to understand and solve their homework. This may cause stress for students who want to learn but fall into this category.
  4. Some students are also unable to manage their time effectively while solving their homework. This can frustrate them and cause them to be stressed. 

How to identify stress

Some students may be stressed and not know that they are. You need to know when you are stressed to combat it. Stress can arise when: 

  • you lose interest in completing your assignment early and start panicking when the deadline is near.
  • You worry that you may not be able to meet up with the deadline.
  • You are unable to have a sound sleep because you have not completed your homework.
  • You are always unhappy and withdraw from people, so you will not be asked about how you are faring in school.

How to manage homework stress

Stress from homework can be managed. The following hacks will guide you through executing it.

  • Ensure to get enough sleep overnight. For a balanced mental state, sleep is essential. Research has shown that people who sleep less are bound to make rash decisions. 
  • Make plans for your activities and ensure your homework is a priority in your projects. 
  • Environment: ensure you have a serene place to study.
  • You need to start your assignment early to finish on time.
  • Divide larger tasks into more straightforward activities. This will help you to see your job as surmountable.
  • Pay attention in class, to get your assignment done faster at home.
  • Set goals, use sticky notes, and strike out achieved tasks as you complete them. It makes you proud of yourself and progress.

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